The Eternal Life
Flickering like a candle
In and out of eternal life...
Stop flickering, burn brightly
Light up your own darkness

Conscious of the One
Behind all sacred names,
In all seven directions
Is the eternal life

Why would you
Be foolish enough
To imagine
Anything else?
A vernacular interpretation of Qur'an 1:1-7
In the name of the One behind all sacred names
Who gives before we ask and when we ask forgives.
All praise that One, the Lord of every world,
Who gives before we ask and when we ask forgives
The One sovereign judge who resolves every debt
The One we serve, the One source of our help.
Guide us on the conscious way
Steadfast in Grace that protects
From wrath, and from going astray.
A vernacular interpretation of Qur'an 2:153-7
Oh you who are conscious,
Remain steadfast and pray.
The One behind all sacred names
Inspires the steadfast way.

Do not say, "They are dead"
Of the steadfast who were slain,
While conscious of the One
And steadfast on the way.

They are alive, beyond
What you can perceive.

The One shall surely test you
With fear, hunger, and loss
Of your goods, of your lives
And of your labor's fruit.

So, know that all glad tidings flow
To those who hold on steadfastly
Even through calamity:
"We are of the sacred One
And to that One return."

Blessings and Grace of the sacred One
Shines bright upon the steadfast like the noon day sun
Guiding their way back home to that One.
A vernacular interpretation of Qur'an 74:1-7
Oh you wrapped up in solitude,
Stand up and speak out warning.
The sacred One glorify.
Your inner self purify
And from all filth abstain,
And do not give because
You expect gain.
Remain steadfast in sacrifice
For the sacred One, instead.
A vernacular interpretation of Qur'an 19:16-33
Mary withdrew to the East,
Secluding from her people.
Filled with inspiration, she
Gave birth, at first reluctantly.

Inspiration came to her,
Appearing first as man.
"Stay away," she said,
"For I am conscious of the sacred One."

"I am of the sacred One," he said,
"With news of your first born,
First step toward your destiny."

"I cannot have a child," she said.
"No man has ever touched me!"

"The sacred One creates from consciousness,"
The angel said, "of Mercy that
Inspires your heart to beat."
The angel left and she conceived.

"Oh would that I had died," she cried
In pain and shame, "and been forgotten long ago.
What will my people say of me?"

"Grieve not," she heard. "A stream flows
At your feet to quench your thirst, and
Dates fall from above to soothe your breast.
Lean against their tree for strength and rest.
Hold your tongue, keep conscious of the sacred One."

When Mary returned home,
Her people cried, "What have you done?"
She pointed to the child who said,
"I'm conscious of the sacred One.
Sent in consciousness to you,
Steadfast in prayer, in grace, in sacrifice,
In peace, at birth, at death, eternally."
A vernacular interpretation of Qur'an 2:255
The One (there is no other)
Ever-living, Self-sustaining,
Source of all, overtaken never,
Neither by slumber, nor by sleep,
All in heaven and on earth are of that One.
So who or what but none
Could even ask for leave to intercede?
One knowing all we know or don't,
One educates through One in us.
Uplifting all in heaven and on earth,
Yet never wearying is the One,
All-Uplifting, All-Perfecting, One.
A vernacular interpretation of Qur'an 48:1-5
The One behind all sacred names has opened you fully
To forgive your past and future faults
To overflow you with blessings and
Guide you in sacred consciousness
And help you with a powerful help.

That One has filled your hearts with peace, with
Consciousness of the One behind all sacred names,
Adding that One's consciousness of you
To your consciousness of that One.
All forces of heaven and of earth
All knowledge and all wisdom are of that One.

Admitting men and women of consciousness
To gardens beneath which rivers flow, eternally
Removing their ills, effacing even their shortcomings,
That for the One, is the greatest of triumphs.
A vernacular interpretation of Qur'an 55:1-18
The Most Gracious
Creates and teaches us
To learn and express
To learn from sun, moon,
Stars, and trees, from
The cycles of the seasons, from
The sky raised high above,
All in balance
Teaching us to live
In balance
To love and live in balance
Rather than in excess
Like the earth with fruit,
Like palm trees with dates,
Like grain growing tall,
Like sweet smelling plants.
What then of the Most Gracious
Can even begin to be denied?
Created out of sounding clay,
Like pottery?
Created out of fire
Free of smoke?
What then of the Most Gracious
Can even begin to be denied?
A vernacular interpretation of Qur'an 24:35-40
The One behind all sacred names
Is the light of the heavens and earth.
The parable of that light, a niche,
Within which glows a lamp,
The lamp enclosed in glass
That shines like a radiant star
Lit from a blessed tree
From neither East nor West
With oil so bright as to almost give light
Without even touching fire.
The One behind all sacred names
Wills guidance to that Light
Along a parabolic way
Of sacred metaphor.

In houses the sacred One has raised
To remember all of the sacred One's names,
The wise sing praises morning and eve
Unphased by their commerce's losses or gains
They steadfastly pray and sacrifice
Knowing that come calamity
Only consciousness maintains sanity,
And even bountifully rewards
The best of our humanity.

Sometimes we believe we create our own light
Like miraging cool water across desert sands
We race parched with thirst, in search of relief
Just to find heat reflecting from grains of dry land.
The sacred consciousness waits there too
For that's when we remember the sacred One, who
Shines light that separates falsehood from truth.

Until we remember, the darkness grows deeper,
Like layers and layers of billowing clouds, over
Waves and waves of stormy seas, so dark that
A hand held in front of the face cannot be seen.
Without the One behind all sacred names
There's no light to give life, truly no way.
Good Morning Love
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