The Eternal Life
Flickering like a candle
In and out of eternal life...
Stop flickering, burn brightly
Light up your own darkness

Conscious of the One
Behind all sacred names,
In all seven directions
Is the eternal life

Why would you
Be foolish enough
To imagine
Anything else?
A verbatim quote from "The Book of Phebor" in The Husia: Sacred Wisdom of Ancient Egypt selected and translated by Maulana Karenga
Those who give food generously when they have money are the ones to whom fate gives good fortune. For wealth goes to those who give food to others by means of it. The heart of God is satisfied when the poor stand provided for before Him. Thus if you acquire property, give a portion to God by giving a portion to the poor. If you acquire property, spend it on your own town so that there will be no turmoil in it. If it is in your power, invite those far away as well as those near you. For those who invite those from afar, their name will be great when they go afar. Those who love their neighbors will find a family around them. God allows one to acquire wealth in return for doing good. And those who give food to the poor, God takes them to himself in mercy without measure.
A vernacular interpretation of Qur'an 19:16-33
Mary withdrew to the East,
Secluding from her people.
Filled with inspiration, she
Gave birth, at first reluctantly.

Inspiration came to her,
Appearing first as man.
"Stay away," she said,
"For I am conscious of the sacred One."

"I am of the sacred One," he said,
"With news of your first born,
First step toward your destiny."

"I cannot have a child," she said.
"No man has ever touched me!"

"The sacred One creates from consciousness,"
The angel said, "of Mercy that
Inspires your heart to beat."
The angel left and she conceived.

"Oh would that I had died," she cried
In pain and shame, "and been forgotten long ago.
What will my people say of me?"

"Grieve not," she heard. "A stream flows
At your feet to quench your thirst, and
Dates fall from above to soothe your breast.
Lean against their tree for strength and rest.
Hold your tongue, keep conscious of the sacred One."

When Mary returned home,
Her people cried, "What have you done?"
She pointed to the child who said,
"I'm conscious of the sacred One.
Sent in consciousness to you,
Steadfast in prayer, in grace, in sacrifice,
In peace, at birth, at death, eternally."
Good Morning Love
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